Supervision and Clinical/Professional Consultation

As a supervisor, Ales works with qualified and trainee psychotherapists, counsellors, and Transactional Analysts in the UK and internationally, supporting them with supervision and clinical/professional consultation. Ales is included on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Supervisory Directory.

He runs individual and group supervision sessions in London, UK and remotely (online). He also supports professionals globally.

Ales is intensely engaged in theory development in the areas of developmental deficiencies, identity, personality disorders, developmental abuse and trauma, diversity, group and intergroup dynamics. He is interested in the influences of unconscious dynamics (in clinical work, training, supervision, organisations, etc.).

Because of that, as a clinical supervisor and consultant, Ales specialises in the following areas:

  • Transference- and countertransference-related issues in clinical setting;
  • Developmental deficiencies resulting in disorders of the self (personality disorders);
  • Childhood abuse and trauma and re-enactment of abuse;
  • Negative therapeutic reactions (stalemate in therapy, secondary therapeutic gains, sabotage, acting out);
  • Group therapy supervision and supervision of group dynamics in other settings;
  • Group and Intergroup Dynamics and its influence on intrapsychic, interpersonal and group processes (in psychotherapy/clinical, organisational, cultural, or social settings);
  • Identity and diversity in clinical, training, organisational, societal settings.

Ales also works as a consultant and supervisor to professionals working in organisational setting. In this role, his focus is mainly on implications of intangible and unconscious processes on overall organisational dynamics, culture, and its impact on individuals. This often also involves the role of leadership in such dynamics.