Abuse-Related Masochism (EATA 2019)

Abuse-Related Masochism (EATA 2019)

Ales Zivkovic MSc PTSTA(P) will be talking about Abuse-Related Masochism at the 2019 EATA conference in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Childhood experience of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, and trauma associated with it, will usually have devastating consequences. Not only will one be impacted as a child but also in their adult life. Those who have experienced persistent abuse and trauma in their childhood will usually suffer from it in their adulthood. This will especially be the case if such abuse is inflicted by a parent or any other significant person in their life. Not only will their self-image and sense of self be impacted but also the way they engage in adult relationships.

One of common manifestation of such devastating childhood experience is development of Abuse-Related Masochism which will influence the person’s self-concept, their interpersonal relationships, and also how they engage in psychotherapeutic process.

The talk will look at how consistent childhood abuse and trauma influence the development of the sense of self and how Abuse-Related Masochism develops as a response to such early experiences. It will also look at how it influences relationships in individual’s adult life and the impact dissociation has in the process. Along with that, it will look at the process of development of masochistic and sadistic defences and the impact of psychological contact on the intrapsychic and interpersonal relatedness.

The talk will also look at working with Abuse-Related Masochism in clinical psychotherapy setting and the influence it can have on the therapeutic relationship through transference, how to work with clients with such defences, the process of potential re-enactment in therapeutic environment, and what the treatment plan may entail.

The talk is the result of Ales’ integration of his clinical work with clients that present with Abuse-Related Masochism, along with the current and also new theory developments on the topic. There will be an integration of object relations theory, self psychology, and Transactional Analysis (TA) theory.

Date: 6 July 2019 (11.15am-12.45pm)

Organiser: EATA

Venue: Cherkasy, Ukraine (Cherkasy National University)

Ales Zivkovic | Abuse-Related Masochism | EATA 2019
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