Abuse-Related Masochism (UKATA 2019)

Abuse-Related Masochism (UKATA 2019)

Ales Zivkovic MSc PTSTA(P) will be talking about Abuse-Related Masochism at 2019 UKATA national conference in Birmingham, UK.

Individuals that experience abuse, trauma and neglect form their caregivers throughout childhood may develop Abuse-Related Masochism. Such adaptations on the level of the self will then influence the person’s self-concept and their interpersonal relationships.

The presentation will look at developmental perspectives of Abuse-Related Masochism in the event of consistent childhood abuse and trauma, how it intertwines with the development of the self, and how it influences relationships in adult life.

It will also look at the role of dissociation under abusive conditions, the formation of masochistic and sadistic adaptations, and the impact of psychological contact on the intrapsychic and interpersonal relatedness.

The presentation will also look at how masochistic adaptations influence therapeutic relationship through transference, how to work with clients with such adaptations in clinical setting, the potential for re-enactment, and what the treatment plan may entail.

The topic is the result of clinical work with clients that present with abuse-related masochism and subsequent furthering of psychotherapy theory. It will be looked at from the perspectives and integration of object relations theory, self psychology, and transactional analysis.

Date: 12 May 2019 (9.30am-11.00am)

Organiser: UKATA

Venue: Birmingham (Hilton Birmingham Metropole)

Ales Zivkovic | Abuse-Related Masochism | UKATA 2019
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