Collective Identity: Group and Intergroup Dynamics (EATA 2019)

Collective Identity: Group and Intergroup Dynamics (EATA 2019)

Ales Zivkovic MSc PTSTA(P) will be talking about Collective Identity at the 2019 EATA conference in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

The talk will focus on the concept of Collective Identity, its formation and how it represents part of individual’s personal identity. Collective Identity is based on relatedness within and between groups, cultures, societies, organisations, and other social entities.

The talk will look at development of collective with emphasis on group and intergroup dynamics and how these particular dynamics influence our intrapsychic and interpersonal processes, stereotypes based on group membership, the sense of self-worth, group and intergroup empathy, and group and intergroup conflict.

The concepts of Collective Identity Impasse (CDI) and Collective Reality Delusion (CRD) will also be introduced and elaborated.

Unconscious elements of interpersonal relatedness based on salience of particular collective identity will be introduced, along with application of these concepts in clinical psychotherapy, counselling, organisational, societal, and cultural settings.

Date: 4 July 2019 (2.00pm-3.30pm)

Organiser: EATA

Venue: Cherkasy, Ukraine (Cherkasy National University)

Ales Zivkovic | Collective Identity | EATA 2019
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