Working with Eating Disorders – Talk

Working with Eating Disorders – Talk

The talk will look into clinical psychotherapeutic work with eating disorders. The focus will be on delivery of treatment of the underlying causes rather than focusing on the symptoms.

We will look into the developmental aspects of eating disorders and the interaction between intrapychic and interpersonal processes both in individual’s developmental history as well as in present life. We will also look at the common personality features accompanying eating disorders and discuss the psychotherapeutic treatment of the underlying structures and functioning. The most common manifestations in clinical setting will also be addressed.

The talk will be given by Ales Zivkovic MSc (TA Psych) PTSTA(P) and will include simultaneous Russian translation.

The event will take place online (over Zoom) on Saturday, 6 March 2021, from 8:00am-3:30pm London time.

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